We are e-learning creative team who helps clients all over the globe. We have created more than 600 courses since 2013.

We use the latest methods to create engaging e-learning solutions. At our company, we specialize in the development of bespoke e-learning and creating ready-to-use courses.

600+ References of projects

10 Years of experience


Almost a decade ago we started from scratch while registering and offering our service on UpWork platform. We grew far above UpWork as of today, having multinational corporate customers and positive word of mouth about our solutions. But while growing our business and moving it above and beyond, we gained 1st place in e-learning niche of the world’s work marketplace called UpWork.

We are proud of our clients

We have been creating e-learning solutions for over a decade now. During this time and thanks to a wide variety of projects, we have gathered substantial knowledge and experience, which we want to share to teach everyone how to use e-learning.


What do we do?

Courses development

Any need of your company for employees learning and developing would be fulfilled with us.


We have a library of ready-to-use courses for your convenience.

Explainer video

Videos to make complicated things easy to understand in a user-friendly way.


We adapt and make understandable any of the learning materials you need to local place, mentality and culture.


E-learning solutions that we create might be adapted to people with disabilities upon request. We have solid experience in following WCAG and Section 508 guidelines and can be your consultants as well.

Screencast recording

We could record and make screencast of a great quality in case you are dealing with complicated software and would like your employees to be perfectly trained.


Let us know about
your project E-learning creators. 100% love. 99% perfection.

    Our team

    You would be more than comfortable working with us

    100% quality and 100% attention to detail.

    One-window serve. Your project will be assigned an individual PM.

    We are fully ready for numerous corrections from your side all time while the project is running.

    We are fully flexible in every need you have.

    We will be in touch after the project is over for consultations and some minor changes.

    We transfer all sources created during the project.


    We stand with Ukraine

    We are against war, violence and terror. As our company highly values human principles, we clearly declare our position in supporting and helping Ukraine to win and terror on the territory of Ukraine to be stopped. We join all worldwide community in canceling culture in front of Russia and boycotting all activities connecting to Russia.

    Before 24 Feb 2022 we have created a lot of unique e-learning solutions for Russian companies. It was a nice experience with lots of inspiring challenges. For sure, we made a decision to stop all activities in Russian market as of 24 Feb 2022, because we stand with Ukraine.