How to use and amplify automation software for solving complicated problems.

XpertRule is a company that develops automation software for solving complex problems.

We partnered with XpertRule to create a series of bespoke e-learning solution modules and make complicated concepts more straightforward and user-friendly. As of today, we are still working with XpertRule. Progress One's partnership with XpertRule led to the creation of a full-fledged bespoke e-learning modules series. We created a tailored solution that teaches people how to work with and create different items of intelligent automation to receive a complete process flow. In this case study, you will find out the challenge we faced, the modules we developed, the reason for developing those modules, and the outcome of our joint partnership.

Intelligent software automation is a complex topic to explain in a simple manner; furthermore, it is a very narrow niche to discuss.

Teaching people some processes is a challenging task in itself. So, the main challenges were: determining where time and other resources could be saved as a result of intelligent software automation, as well as how the automation itself could be more user-friendly and simplified. Let's see how we addressed the challenges we faced.


Our solutions

Bearing all XpertRule goals in mind, coupled with our wealth of experience teaching complicated concepts, we have created bespoke e-learning modules in which we perform all kinds of personalized jobs and activities.

We poured our hearts and souls into this collaboration. We created a course that teaches people how to create different commands in automation software and work with it. What was done by us:

instructional design for making extremely complicated technical things understandable;
brand new and more understandable design for the course;
animation for explaining technical things in a user-friendly way;
new approach implementation to screencast creation;
simulations to practice the theoretical part;
time- and resource-saving solutions implementation for client's edits.
The results
Highly technical and, at the same time, extraordinarily user-friendly and understandable for every target audience group among technicians.

Bespoke e-learning modules from Progress One received feedback as being very innovative, changing most of the in-house processes inside the company, and the most valuable for users’ needs. We received the following feedback from company management and some employees:
– you have created excellent user-friendly training that deeply teaches how to use software and create things in a simple way, and this creation has been done from scratch;

-thanks to Progress One’s new time-saving approach, we have saved a lot of resources and efforts on our edits while re-designing and re-styling the product we developed together;
-thanks to Progress One’s work, we have looked at the design of our app and overall brand from another standpoint and decided to change it, inspired by the overall -design of the whole course from Progress One;
-we have seen and understood how to explain challenging and complicated things in a user-friendly and straightforward way.

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