Project for enhancing product knowledge, raising brand awareness, and value creation.

SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, defibrillation, patient monitoring, and medical software packages.

Today, Schiller is a thriving group with around 1200 employees, 30 subsidiaries, and a global sales network. SCHILLER is a highly professional company that seeks to distribute its professionals among all team members. This means that the in-house sales team, as well as out-of-home distributors and dealers, should have extensive product knowledge and fully understand the benefits of the company's products and services and work as ambassadors of the SCHILLER brand. Eventually, this would lead to increased brand awareness, sales revenue, and the generation of new leads.

The first goal of our partnership with SCHILLER was to raise brand awareness among the sales team, dealers, and distributors.

Since the professionalism of sales assistants is crucial for SCHILLER, Progress One was expected to demonstrate and optimize the art of selling the product. That was the second primary goal of our partnership. Moving further with our e-learning bespoke solution, we were supposed to develop product and company value among the sales team, dealers, and distributors. Last but not least, we had to promote the culture and platform for solid product training, both within and outside the company, and spread professional knowledge to people in dire need of it.


Our solution

Increasing brand awareness, establishing product and company value, and teaching product knowledge to the sales team, dealers, and distributors.

Progress One wanted to build up on SCHILLER’s salespeople professionalism and healthcare industry deep knowledge while creating numerous interactive modules and videos for the healthcare environment and product knowledge training. Progress One set crucial goals while working on custom e-learning modules for SCHILLER: brand awareness increase, the art of selling products, product loyalty development, ensuring salespeople have deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, competition, and benefits of SCHILLER products. How the bespoke elearning modules were designed by Progress One to address the challenge:

intuitively designed e-learning solution that brings products to life for salespeople;
best-in-class developed simulation to understand how devices work;
video dialogues with professionals, which give the feeling of a real-time environment;
benefits for the end consumer, which are interactively described in a simple way;
real competitive advantages and USP for product loyalty and brand awareness;
tests to assess the knowledge of the salespeople.
The results
Unique ways to add value, raise brand awareness, provide industry and product knowledge, and demonstrate the art of selling.

The custom-made e-learning modules on industry, environment, target audience, and deep product dive created by Progress One in collaboration with Schiller Academy, eventually led to the following:
– brand awareness and product value increase in both groups i.e., in-house/out-of-home salesforce and customers;

– professionalism deepening for the in-house/out-of-home sales team;
– added value to SCHILLER as a company, a brand, and the products.
All of the highlights mentioned above eventually translated into sales and an overall increase in workers’ income.

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