How do you teach children to play music in a fairy-tale way, like in the Wizard of Oz?

Teaching children musical literacy as a first step toward playing music can be incredibly challenging.

Although the final effect is usually delightful, children usually have to put in a lot of hard work to get there, which can cause them to lose interest. Progress One collaborated with PitchWizard to create a fairy-tale-themed resource for children learning musical literacy as a first step to playing musical instruments. The collaboration between Progress One and Pitch Wizard resulted in the development of numerous module series as part of a full-fledged bespoke e-learning solution on musical literacy and how to play music. We created an outstanding resource with a fairy-tale theme that teaches children about musical notes, beats, scales, and much more! We can confidently say this is one of our best projects yet. In this case study, you will find out what the challenge was, the solution we developed and what the outcome of our joint partnership was. Please, watch all videos with sound, otherwise, you will not realize the effect.

Developing musical literacy is not as simple as it may appear at first glance.

Some schools of thought believe musical literacy and eventually playing music increases IQ levels, develops the brain, and enlarges the mind. Others believe students should already have skills upon which learning how to play music can be based. So, the main challenges were: to understand the best way to teach children musical literacy, how to make them not refuse and have the desire to continue until they achieve outstanding results, and how to make learning a fairy tale. Let's see how we addressed all the challenges in front of us and made it happen. Make sure your sound is turned on while watching the videos!


Our solutions

Bearing the goals in mind and being passionate about creating the highest quality products, having all our company values concentrated around "perfect or not done," and, of course, loving children, we made a unique bespoke e-learning solution.

We created an entire course that teaches children musical literacy and how to play music as if they were living in the Wizard of Oz or Disney World. What we have done ( make sure you watch everything with the sound):

an interactive design that is highly sophisticated and makes you think you are in a fairy tale while you go through the course;
children will believe they are meeting dragons, popping bubbles, opening magical boxes, and so on, thanks to realistic animations;
sound effects which amplify the fairy-tale effect throughout the course;
a Wizard who appears during the course frequently;
an interactive course from the beginning to the end with a consistent fairy-tale theme;
entirely changed the concept from simple screens and simple design to a sophisticated fairy-tale theme.
The results
The final custom-made e-learning program, created by Progress One, was hailed as one of the best for kids to learn something and the most mysterious one.

It brought fairy tales to life while kids learned musical literacy and inspired them to finish the course while feeling magic around – even adults started to learn with the course from Progress One! We received the following feedback from the company, parents, and some children:
– you have created a masterpiece that children do not want to drop, they want to continue learning, and they want the same way of learning for other things in life;

– children really feel that they are in a mysterious place or the Wizard of Oz — powerful presence effect;
– thanks to Progress One’s input, my kid knows notes, beats, musical attributes and now he is starting to play the guitar and continues learning more and more, maybe he will be a musician;
– we started to attain musical literacy with the whole family, thanks to such a cool course for children. Great job, and thank you!

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