Why company voice matters for the customers.

The voice is the first crucial touchpoint with a customer, and it plays a vital role in the self-presentation and career development of a McD operator.

We've been working with McD for a few years on various custom e-learning projects like food standards courses, equipment operating training, and personnel development services. We have been operating in different ways – creating the service ourselves from scratch or mostly using the materials McD already had. Our successful partnership with McD is still ongoing, and we look forward to collaborating for many years to come. We are grateful to work with one of the best giants worldwide. Recently, with McD, we have gone through customer complaints and discovered that a high churn rate is due to a negative first impression. In this case study, you will find out what the challenge was, the solution we developed and what the outcome of the training was.

A voice is the first thing customers hear when they go to McDrive. There is no eye contact between the customer and the operator, making it challenging to communicate in a polite, customer-oriented, and pleasant manner.

The operator's voice is the first touchpoint for customer acquisition and further retention. McD understands that most of its employees are not natural public speakers and this may increase the customer churn rate for McD visitors. So, the first goal set for Progress One by McD was to teach operators to talk clearly, nicely, cheerfully, politely, and with significant involvement without any eye contact. The second big goal by McD was overcoming the timing limitations for voice training – operators only have a lunch break and a computer in the operator's room to practice. Let's see what we have accomplished.


Our solution

Before coming up with solutions that fit our partner's needs, we went through numerous internal brainstorming sessions at Progress One, gathering all our best expertise.

Also, we had a couple of strategic sessions with McD to ensure we are on the same wave with our client and that our client is satisfied with our proposed solution. Bearing all McD goals in mind, being inspired by some of the most famous orators in world history, and having significant experience in offline courses conduction in the past, we have developed an interactive bespoke e-learning solution that is distinguished by:

motivation to have a clear, cheerful, polite, and nicely-sound voice;
worldwide known examples of great speakers interactively shaped in a cool video;
preliminary set criteria for what makes voice sound clear, cheerful, polite, and nice;
simple and practical recommendations on how the voice could be trained or improved;
test assignments – straightforward and simple to check how the voice improved after the e-learning journey;
progress tracking assignment to check what was made and what needs to be done in the future to ensure the voice sound is constantly improved.
The results
Our bespoke e-learning solution was created bearing in mind the time constraint that every operator faces for their voice training.

Operators were highly motivated to take the training from the first slides and have been retaking it over and over again to improve their voices more and more. Word of mouth among operators and other workers of the restaurant lead to numerous training completions around the company. Due to highly improved voice sound, many operators were awarded internal company awards and made their next career move inside the company. The feedback from employees was also that the private life of those who completed voice training has changed in a better way. From McD’s leadership standpoint, the results and feedback were the following:

– customer satisfaction rate from driving through McDrive has risen dramatically;
– customer churn rate has significantly decreased;
– customer complaints have reduced significantly;
– employees have started to articulate their needs, problems, and solutions in a more representative and understandable way which shortened the time of interactions between employees and saved it for the company’s operations.

Finally, we have significantly strengthened our long-term partnership and are already working on new marvelous interactive bespoke e-learning services.

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