Provide professional support in school reorganization as a part of structural changes in Ukraine.

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has collaborated with the Ukrainian government on more than 15 projects since 1993.

One such project is the government's decentralization, in which Progress One was selected as a partner in creating a powerful e-learning solution. Progress One's partnership with GIZ and the Ukrainian government led to the creation of fully explanatory training modules, which helped with the conduction of educational reform and school reorganization as a part of the decentralization efforts in Ukraine. We developed a customized e-learning system that covers problem formulation, solution finding, identifying needs, adding value, weighing advantages and disadvantages, and influencing key stakeholders. In this case study, you will learn about the challenge we had, the solution we discovered, and the results of our collaborative efforts.

Structural changes are usually challenging, which is why they are always met with extraordinary levels of resistance.

When we talk about governmental structural changes related to educational systems, such as school and local government staff, knowledge and skills of children, fears, and worries of their parents -- it might seem impossible to conduct these changes. So, the first challenge we got from GIZ was to develop an e-learning solution that gives people a whole grasp of the problems and how they may be addressed. The second challenge was to show the pros and cons of decentralization and educational reforms so that people understand these changes would make life better in perspective even though they are going through pain and suffering today. And the third challenge was to make it interactive, exciting, and persuasive rather than boring and a waste of time. Let's see how we made it happen.


Our solution

Bearing all GIZ goals in mind and having solid experience in motivating people, showing perspective, and persuading them to take the "right" pass through our e-learning solutions, we have created an outstanding resource with highly professional and easily understandable features.

The more a person dives into training, the more loyalty, persuasion, and involvement he demonstrates at the end. What we have done:

animation features that help to visualize in a creative way all community and school reorganization processes;
intuitively designed map of Ukraine to make the decentralization process clearer;
intuitively designed and fully described the problem-solving process in an easy way;
interviews with experts from different interest groups to show different sides of the school reforming process;
videos to illustrate what the educational process in schools looks like;
simulator tasks and exercises to make sure online-training material is well-learned.
The results
Progress One's online persuasive, explanatory, and motivating training was rated as the most powerful and influential by people who experienced pain and uncertainty as a result of educational and decentralized structural changes.

People started to understand the need for educational reforms and how perseverance with the reforms will lead to future gains. The results and feedback from community stakeholders are highlighted below:
– progress One has helped with brief but effective online training that regards pains and suffering while also illustrating the future outlook and progress;
– thanks to Progress One’s bespoke e-learning services, stakeholders, experts, and interested groups of people became more confident in their future and were much more persuaded to do the right thing;

– thanks to Progress One’s input, people understand the pros and cons of educational reforming and schools reorganization processes as a part of decentralization changes;
– they know how to analyze problems, find solutions, influence their stakeholders, and talk to experts;
– people are supported by the needed documentation base and know how to act in such difficult situations in the future.

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