Employees’ loyalty to the company.

The employees' loyalty to the company plays a vital role in the company's current state, future, brand awareness, and yearly revenue growth.

Progress One's collaboration with Carlsberg Group produced numerous bespoke e-learning services: personnel development training, specific professional courses, and onboarding resources. One of the goals of our partnership with Carlsberg Group was to create an onboarding course that would enormously improve employees' loyalty to the company, its main principles, strategy, product, brands, culture, organizational structure, policies, and procedures. In this case study, you will find out what the challenge was, the solution we developed, and the outcome of the welcome training.

Where does loyalty to the company start? Does it begin when potential employees use the company's products and services?

Is it ignited when the employee signs the offer? Or during the course of their work relationship with the company? From our vast experience at Progress One, we have realized that employees' loyalty starts from their first day in the company and can be influenced by the company's welcome techniques, particularly welcome training or onboarding. So, the first challenge we got from the Carlsberg Group was to develop welcome training resources that would cultivate loyalty from the first slide. The second challenge was to make these resources interactive and appealing. And the third challenge was to thoroughly emphasize the company's main principles, strategy, product, brands, culture, organizational structure, policies, and procedures. Let's see how we made it happen.


Our solution

Bearing the goals of Carlsberg Group in mind and having significant experience

in creating user-friendly, interactive, and effective online training resources, we have developed an outstanding bespoke e-learning resource with highly professional features and easy training.

The more an employee dives into this welcome training resource, the more loyalty and involvement he demonstrates at the end. What we have done:

a guide – Carl Jacobsen, son of Carlsberg Group founder JC Jacobsen – who accompanies employees through the training process;
interactive map of Carlsberg's worldwide operations to show the company's global presence;
intuitively designed and fully described the brewing process in an easy way;
IT security procedures and policies, as well as others, put in an interactive, usable form with short quizzes;
explainer videos on Carlsberg Group's history;
brands under the Carlsberg Group umbrella put in an interactive digital way to show the diversity and non-beer beverages presence.
The results
Welcome training from Progress One received feedback as the most exciting event during the employee's first day.

An employee becomes increasingly loyal, especially after the son of a company founder guides him. From the Carlsberg Group leadership standpoint, the results and feedback were the following:

– the company is very innovative because it uses innovative e-learning solutions and has a highly professional and creative team to partner with;

– thanks to Progress One’s bespoke e-learning services, loyalty to the company is significantly growing from the first days of employment;
– thanks to Progress One, employees learn and understand the company’s main principles, strategy, product, brands, culture, organizational structure, policies and procedures in an easy, interactive way;
– son of a founder is treated in the same manner as his colleagues, and he meets his employees “personally” from the first days.

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